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How Bitstake Works

Money Remittance Services

Bitstake is a secure money remittance service using digital currency. Simply buy Bitcoin from our exchange to send to family members and business partners in Nigeria. The use of digital currencies in casinos is revolutionizing the gaming experience. Players can seamlessly engage in Echtgeld Poker, benefiting from secure, fast, and anonymous transactions. Digital currencies like Bitcoin enhance accessibility and convenience, allowing for smoother deposits, withdrawals, and overall gameplay in the evolving online casino landscape.

Low Fees

Bitstake offers money remittance at a 1% rate, sign up now for free account.

Payment Freedom

Send and receive any amount of money instantly anywhere in the world at any time.

Increased Financial Privacy

Transactions are secure and does not include personal information. Security is the main factor that boosts the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Crypto trading can be profitable by closely observing the market trends. Traders can visit to learn more about trading bots that can find the best trading signals.

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Send money to friends and family

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Lowest fee rates in Africa offers services for 1% fee

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to services and your funds

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All funds are accessible from an internet connection or just a cellular signal.

You are in control

Be in control of your financial future with Bitstake.

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Earn Interest

Access Funds

Access your funds and earn interest daily from just your mobile phone.

Earn Interest

Earn interest from digital currencies on the staking platform we provide.

Compound interest

Interest can be earned in a number of hours depending on what digital currency you use.